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“History’s Mysteries – The Death Of Marilyn Monroe”

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I’ll be the first to admit as a Marilyn Monroe fan of hers both as an entertainer and the physical goddess that she was, that the way she died was really sad and even worst than being murdered. Because the best evidence available back then over fifty years ago and today suggesting if not simply saying that she killed herself. Either accidentally, or even worst by killing herself. And I understand that fans of her having such a hard time accepting that their hero killed herself that way, or even killed herself at all. The same way that John Kennedy fans, can’t accept that a born loser shot and killed him. But the whole point of evidence and facts is to tell us what we know and what we should believe based on the best available facts and evidence. Not to make us feel better, which is very different.

But over fifty years later no one has put any real evidence that Marilyn could have died any other way. They say someone murdered her. Based on what? What evidence is there that someone was there when Marilyn died and killed her? And who is this supposed person? No evidence suggesting that someone was there and who could it possibly be. We know that Marilyn tried to kill herself at least four other times before she died. We know her career wasn’t going very well with her having trouble at work and no showing up and leaving early. We know she was a heavy drug user who suffered from depression, which is why she was under so much medication and had tried to kill herself before. We know about the pill bottles and the alcohol that was by her when she died.

All the evidence suggest that she killed herself one way or other. Again either by accident, or by suicide. She wasn’t happy, she wasn’t living in a very nice place, especially for a woman who was as big as a star as she was. A beautiful, hot, summer, Los Angeles night and this hot, sexy baby-faced adorable goddess, with a great voice and personality and she’s all alone. Other than her housekeeper who was asleep down the hall when Marilyn died. She was not a woman who was in a healthy state of mind, to say the least. Even if you grant the story that Marilyn had a book and a lot of information that she was going to release about Jack and Bob Kennedy, where’s the evidence that either of them had anything to do with the actual death of Marilyn? No one has been able to put either one of them there yet. Or suggest anything that could say they had a role in planning her death.

As the old cliché goes, “facts are a stubborn thing.” Meaning you can’t argue with them in an intelligent way where an intelligent person who knows better and is in a right state of mind would say, ‘wait! I was wrong all along! Water really is dry and fire is cold!” Or whatever example you want to use. All the best and perhaps only evidence suggests that the only person involved in the death of Marilyn Monroe, is Marilyn herself. Which tells the people close to her, including her housekeeper and she had a lot of other friends, didn’t know her well enough. And saw that she really wasn’t doing well and that was in the need of professional help. What she got instead was people abandoning her. Including the Kennedy’s and her studio and perhaps personal friends. Which is just more evidence of how sad her death really was.

4 For Texas (1963) Starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Anita Ekberg, and Ursula Andress

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“Four For Texas Official Trailer #1 (1963) – Frank Sinatra Movie HD. Frank Sinatra plays a tough guy who hooks up with fellow rat packer Dean Martin to open a casino in this western.”

“Zack Thomas and Joe Jarrett separately are heading for Galveston in 1870 and witness a stagecoach attack by a gang on horseback led by Matson, a local gunslinger. After repulsing the bandits, Zack discloses a bag containing $100,000, but Joe relieves him of the money at gunpoint and proceeds to an orphanage where he was reared. He later deposits the loot in a bank run by Harvey Burden, a crook who has supported Zack in his efforts to become the town’s gambling boss. Zack learns that Joe is in Galveston, and he arranges a meeting but is interrupted when Matson attempts to kill Zack. Joe wounds the bandit, thus saving his rival’s life, and then goes off to see Maxine Richter, owner of a riverboat which Joe plans to refurbish as a gambling saloon. Outraged that anyone would dare to give him competition, Zack plans for his gang to take over the boat on opening night. Unknown to both men, however, Burden has decided to let the gangs destroy each other so he can move in with Matson’s bandits and take control. Maxine and Elya Carlson, Zack’s devoted girl friend, persuade the two gamblers to join forces. As a result of the alliance, Matson’s gang is defeated, Burden is arrested, and the women get their reward at a double wedding.”

“Four For Texas Official Trailer #1 (1963) – Frank Sinatra Movie HD. Frank Sinatra plays a tough guy who hooks up with fellow rat packer Dean Martin to open a casino in this western.”

4 for Texas (1963) - Turner Classic Movies

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“Frank Sinatra plays a tough guy who hooks up with fellow rat packer Dean Martin to open a casino in this western.”

Four For Texas Official Trailer #1 (1963) - Frank Sinatra Movie HD
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To be completely honest with you: I only saw 4 For Texas and really only like it because Anita Ekberg Ursula Andress are in it and both look great in it. Anita Ekberg, Marilyn Monroe without the childish immature baggage of Marilyn and yet physically almost as adorable and might even be sexier. Because similar body and yet she comes off as a grown up. The same thing with Diana Dors, who is probably comparison with Anita than Marilyn.

Not as familiar with Ursula, other than as Cat Woman from Batman, but she’s also a gorgeous sexy baby in this movie. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, are both funny in this movie, but what else is new, especially when they’re together. And they both have goddess’s for girlfriends. Frank, has Elya Carlson (played by Anita Ekberg) and Dean, has Maxine Richter. (Played by Ursula Andress) Good luck finding a movie where either Frank and Dean weren’t in where they weren’t working with a goddess.

As far as the movie: Frank and Dean, both play bank robbers in Texas. Both going after the same hundred-thousand-dollars that is being transported by stagecoach in the 1870s in Galveston, Texas. Both have dreams of opening up their own casinos and going straight. (So to speak)

The problem is they both want the same hundred-grand and don’t want to share it. Another problem that they have is that there’s this outlaw named Matson, (no first name given) who is after the same money. So Zach (played by Frank) and Joe (played by Dean) decide to become partners temporarily to knock off the Matson Gang.

Again this is not a great movie, but because of the four stars in it and then add Charles Bronson and Victor Buono, the Three Stooges make a cameo and you’re talking about a very entertaining and even funny movie. But without Anita Ekberg and Ursula Andress, I’m probably not watching much of it.